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The focus of Dar Al Quran is to teach Arabic to non-arabic speakers, Quran Tajweed, & Quran memorization.

Our main focus is on the youth, starting at 6 years of age and above, however, all ages are welcome!


To enable Muslims in our community to read & recite the book of Allah fluently and properly in the native Arabic language.

About Us

We strive to develop Muslims who are not only memorizers of the Quran, but those who perfect its recitation with fluent reading skills and mastering the Quranic rules of Tajweed.

The program is offered to all Muslims regardless of literacy & reading level, ability, and age.

We have adopted the bidaya curriculum to effectively teach beginners and make them well versed in the arabic alphabet and vowels.

Program scheduled for Sundays

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Ages: 6+ (including adults)

Location: Dar Al Sunnah

Duration/Length of the Program: September–May


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